Standard Dyno Features

Hydraulic Dynamometers: JUST ADD WATER

All of our dynamometers are reaction-type, force-sensing devices. All load cells utilize full bridge strain gauge technology. The speed is detected using a toothed wheel with an inductive sensor.

Features include:

  • Torque ratings: 0.10 N-m up to 4,800 N-m (0.07 lb•ft up to 3,500 lb•ft)
  • Power absorption 100 W up to 1,120 kW (0.13 Bhp up to 1,500 Bhp)
  • Smooth, adjustable braking torque
  • Low residual torque
  • Low moment of inertia
  • Integrated speed and torque sensors
  • High-end electronic programmable digital controller
  • Water is both the brake and cooling media.
  • Suitable for high-speed or high-torque loading applications (series specific).
  • Specifications refer to the peak torque developed at base speed. Suitable for measuring engines or gearboxes testing peak torque and power.