Refurbished Dynos For Sale

Used Dynos (Refurbished)

We often will take a used dynamometer absorption unit in trade as part of a new system order. Sometimes we will acquire a used dyno from salvage, at a close-out auction, or even by donation. If possible, the dynos are refurbished and offered for resale, individually, or with a new data acquisition and control system. Many times a refurbished dyno is just as good as a new one, but at a much lower cost.

We handle many types of dynamometers in many different sizes (horsepower rating) including hydraulic (water brake), eddy current, and AC or DC motor dynos. Inventories will vary, depending on what we have acquired and have available.

NOTE: Used Go Power inventory is subject to changes on a daily basis, please contact us for current used stock availability.

Used Froude Dynamometers For Sale:    Current Froude Used Inventory

Current Inventory Go Power units:

dt2for sale1Factory-Refurbished DT2000SG Portable Engine Dynamometer SOLD (12-month warranty). This unit has new bearings, seals and rotor. Includes absorber and mounting hardware. Substantial discount from a brand new unit! The DT Series dynos are uniquely suited for diesel engines and designed to be quickly and easily fitted to an engine mounted on a fixed base or mobile engine stand. We currently have one left for sale.  Learn more about the DT2000SG. Please call for special discounted pricing.

Also available is a refurbished dyno: DT1000SG. SOLD

Please call +1 248.579.4295 (Press 1 for Sales) to inquire about our current stock of refurbished equipment or use the CONTACT US form on the Contact Us page.


Used D100 Small Engine Dyno

D100 Portable Engine Dynamometer SOLD (12-month warranty). The D100 is a very popular dyno with SAE teams and this is a perfect opportunity to purchase one at a substantially reduced price! Call 248.579.4295 (Press 1 for Sales) to get more information. To learn more about the D100, click D100.