Dyno for Rent

Need a Temporary Dyno? Looking to rent a dyno?

Sometimes you need a dyno on a temporary basis and Go Power is happy to help. We have rental units available for all of our models—either just the absorber unit or the entire dyno package including the manual control valve, calibration arm, engine adapter kit, interface harness kit and data acquisition system (or display console).DT-1000 rent dyno

Interested in renting a dyno? Just call us at 248-579-4295 (Press 1 for Sales)  for more information on our rental progam or use the contact us form on the Contact Us page

The power of a dynamometer, the convenience of a rental
Dynos are used to measure the power output of engines in many different applications. To keep your engine at peak performance, it’s important to know how much power it is producing and whether or not that power is consistent.

At Go Power Systems, we have a variety of dynamometers on hand for your convenience. When you rent a unit from us, your business can benefit from the amazing capabilities of a dynamometer without having to make an investment in purchasing a dyno. Just use the dyno rental for as long as you need to, and then return it to Go Power Systems when your testing is complete!

Industries Served
We’ve provided many industries with dyno rentals, including:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Education

About Go Power Systems

Ever since 1958, Go Power Systems has been providing engine testers with dynamometers and other testing equipment. We supply many industries around the world with our reliable testing products. Our cost-effective products and high performance dynamometers for gas and diesel engines continue to satisfied customers across the country and around the world.