Hydraulic Engine Dynos

Go Power —an engine dyno that's all about rugged portability at a budget-friendly price.

Maybe you don't have a test cell. You might be limited on space. A Go Power portable hydraulic engine dyno can be used just about anywhere (even on a shipping skid) thanks to a small footprint.

DT3000 Go Power Portable Engine Dyno

Go Power DT3000 Engine Dyno For Testing Diesel Engines

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We like to say here at Go Power Systems: JUST ADD WATER. It's that simple. We are also proud to say that Go Power products are made in the USA, in Novi, Michigan, near Detroit.

An advantage to owning a Go Power portable hydraulic engine dyno (also called a water brake) is that when your engine testing is completed, the dynamometer can easily be disconnected and stored until it is required again for service. Truly the ultimate bolt-and-go solution to all of your testing needs.

DT Engine Adapt 2

In-Frame Adapter

Our dynos can also be used in driveshaft applications. We manufacture many engine dynamometer stands to suit practically any test setup. When a chassis dynamometer is not practical or available, the DT-series dynos can be fitted with our IFA-D2000 in-frame adapter. This device can be mounted within the driveline of heavy-duty trucks for in-vehicle engine testing.

All of our hydraulic engine dynamometers are reaction-type, force-sensing devices. All load cells utilize full bridge strain gauge technology. The speed is detected using a toothed wheel with an inductive sensor.

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NOTE: If you are looking for information on our older Go Power engine dynos, you can find information on this website under the Resources menu heading, specifically the section titled Help! I have an older model Go Power.

About Hydraulic Engine Dynamometers (also called Water Brakes)

  • Water is both the brake and cooling media.
  • Suitable for high speed or high torque, loading applications (series specific).
  • Specifications refer to the peak torque developed at base speed. Suitable for measurement of engines or gearboxes testing peak torque and power.

How to select the dyno for my application. 


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