D-356 / D-556 / D-756

556 Model (hybrid of 357-557 and DA316-516)

D-556 Dyno (combination of D357/557 and D316/516)

D-356 / D-556 / D-756 Dynamometers

If you have a D-356, D-556, or a D-756, no dedicated operating manual is available. This series is a combination of the D-316 and D-357. You will need to refer to both manuals: the D-316 manual will cover the internals of the aluminum brake and can be found here: DA-315/516 Manual. The D-357 manual will cover information on the trunnion support system. 

Parts are available for these units and they can be upgraded to strain gauge units. However, if you replace the rotors/stators, the new parts will be aluminum bronze instead of aluminum. 


D-356 Dyno

D356 _1

D-356 Dyno


D-756 Dyno

756 -1

D-756 Dyno