Go Power Portable Dynos Serve Many Industries

All Go Power waterbrake dynamometer models are portable, which means a small footprint and simple installation. As a result, they can be configured to be installed in virtually any application in a multitude of industries.

For example, the Go Power design allows a direct mount to a diesel engine flywheel housing or an automotive bell housing. In this close-coupled configurations, they require no additional support or equipment to perform load testing on an engine or prime mover. The torque absorbed at the flywheel is absorbed by the dyno and transferred directly back to the engine block. Therefore, the engine is not required to be bolted to a fixed base. We have many engine carts and pallets for engine support and transport available for a wide variety of testing applications.  Also, we have designed numerous adaptation methods for engines with non-standard output shafts using various drives and gearboxes.

Go Power dynos can also be used in driveshaft applications. We manufacture many dyno stands to suit practically any test setup. Where a chassis dyno is not practical or available, the DT-series dynos can be fitted with our IFA-D2000 in-frame adapter. This device can be mounted within the driveline of heavy-duty trucks for in-vehicle engine testing.

Go Power dynos provide excellent use of space in your test cell area and have a proven track record in the piston aerospace engine testing market.  We have custom-designed stands for Lycoming engines and can easily design custom stands for other aero piston engines.

Go Power makes an excellent dynamometer for small turbine testing. The design of the D57 series, allows for easy connection and its small footprint means better utilization of your test cell floor space. Our data acquisition system can be supplied with the N1 and N2 sensors but vibration sensors will be stand-alone systems.

APUs and other components such as generators can be tested with the D100 or the D57 series.  Our range and size compliment the power range and rpm range of this equipment and make it easy to use for testing at a reasonable cost.