Dyno Selection

Which Dyno?

Choosing the right type of dynamometer requires a balance between its absorption characteristics and those of the prime mover. Go Power Systems understand loading limits, speed range, and power capabilities.

These guidelines will help determine which dynamometer series and model is most suitable for your application:

  1. Know the speed-torque characteristics of the engine under test. Power is simply a calculation that reflects the relationship between speed and torque throughout the operating range of the engine. When determining what dynamometer will support your test criteria, you need to know the peak torque and the speed at which it occurs for each engine you’ll be testing. This data can usually be obtained through the engine manufacturer.
  2. Know your test points. Determine the test points you need to achieve for a successful load test of your engines. This is usually referred to as the test schedule.
  3. Choose the dynamometer model. Plot out your profile test points on a “Power & Torque vs. Speed” duty graph, also known as a duty curve. Each series and model dynamometer has a different absorption characteristic and therefore a different duty curve associated with its abilities.

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