Dyno Stands Diesel DT Series

DS-Testing-Station dyno stand

DT2000/3000 Diesel Dyno Station

The DS-1000/2000/3000 is a modular dynamometer stand designed to maximize your engine-testing solutions and provide a multi-configurable testing platform.

The test stand consists of a base with a vertical upright that can be configured for using a driveshaft connection or direct-coupling. It allows the DT-Series dynamometer to connect to virtually any engine.

ds1000 dyno station

DT1000 Diesel Dyno Station

General Features

  • DS-1000/2000/3000
  • Dynamometer mounting plate with integrated bearing carrier assembly
  • Driveshaft guard (standard configuration)

Interface Features

  • Allows any Go Power Systems DT-Series diesel dynamometer to be configured for driveshaft or close-coupled engine testing without alteration
  • Rugged welded steel construction
  • Designed to dock with all DT Series Go Power Systems engine carts and pallets
  • Vibration isolation base mounts included
  • Bolt-on test cell equipment mounting pads
  • Maintains portability of the dynamometer

Max Power 1,120 kW 1,500 Bhp
Max Torque 4,745 N-m 3,500 lb•ft
Base Speed 2,200 rpm
Max Speed 5,000 rpm
Construction Stainless-steel alloy
Mainshaft Hardened alloy steel
Bearings Ball and roller and 90W crankcase gear oil with greased hub
Rotation direction Counterclockwise (looking at coupling flywheel)
Torque Sensor Strain gauge load cell (0–30 mV)
Speed Sensor 60-tooth wheel with inductive pulse pickup
Water flow required at max power 522 lpm 183 gpm (US)
Water Inlet Connection 26 mm 1.0 in.
Water outlet connection gravity to drain atmosphere 25 mm 1.0 in.
Dynamic Pressure 4.0 bar 58 psi
Dimensions: Width x Height x Depth 628.6 x 422.1 mm 24.75 x 16.62 in
Weight 132 kg 290 lbs.