Engine Cooling Tower CT104


Go Power Cooling TowerThe CT104 engine cooling tower is a single-pass type heat exchanger used primarily in heavy diesel and other large engine applications with high cooling water volume requirements. This unit operates on a through-flow principle.

Hose connections are made from the CT104 to the engine. The drain valve is then shut and the fill valve opened. When the level in the tank indicates full in the sight glass, the fill valve is shut and the engine starts and warms up. After normal operating temperature is reached, the temperature regulating valve will open allowing cold, fresh water in, thereby displacing cycled water through the overflow tube until it reaches the system’s required temperature. This process is continuous under steady-state operating conditions.


  • Adjustable thermostatic temperature control
  • Industrial-grade gauges for temperature and pressure
  • Water level sight glass
  • Rugged construction
  • Replaces need for radiator
  • Ease of operation
  • Wall or mobile cart mounted
  • Low maintenance



  • Rated up to: 1,500 Bhp
  • Make-up water requirement: 75 gpm (US) maximum
  • Operating temperature range: 162 - 230° F
  • Operating pressure range: 0 - 50 psi
  • Inlet & outlet shutoff gate valves: 1-1/4 in
  • Inlet & outlet barb fittings: 1-1/4 in O.D. (male)
  • Mounting: two welded steel brackets
  • Vessel height: 48 in
  • Vessel diameter: 10 in