Go Power has a full array of ancillary equipment to outfit your dynamometer system including:

D100 Series

VS-3001 Manual Load Control Valvevs3001

Features: designed to achieve manual control of the D100SG dynamometer. The valve unit is connected to the dynamometer water supply. It incorporates two industrial-quality valves in a compact parallel configuration to maximize control throughout the dyno testing range.

The system includes: a large globe throttling valve for coarse load adjustment and small needle valve for fine load adjustment. Each valve has a billet-aluminium knob with knurled edge for ease of operation.


TCA Torque Calibration Arm Kittca cal arm


  • Torque Calibration Arm (TCA) for SI or IMP full load calibration for D100 hydraulic dynos.
  • Calibration weights not included
  • Calibration arm (1:1 Ratio)
  • Weight hanger/mounting hanger/hardware




TCW Certified Calibration Weightsweights

Our certified calibration weights are cast iron weights certified to traceable national standards, to provide full torque calibration on a D100SG Dynamometer.