Go Power dynamometers are used in various testing applications in the aerospace industry.

We have dynamometers operating in turbine testing, APU (auxiliary power units) testing, piston enginPiston aero 1e testing, and various component parts that are used in the aerospace industry. We provide effective solutions for your requirements.

Go Power dynos provide excellent use of space in your test cell area and have a proven track record in the piston aerospace engine testing market.  We have custom-designed stands for Lycoming engines and can easily design custom stands for other aero piston engines.  We have a model, the DT1000SG, that fits the profile of the engine extremely well and we can provide complete test systems (with the exception of throttle controls).

Piston engine testingGo Power makes an excellent dynamometer for small turbine testing. The design of the D57 series, allows for easy connection and its small footprint means better utilization of your test cell floor space. Our data acquisition system can be supplied with the N1 and N2 sensors but vibration sensors will be stand-alone systems.

allison helicopter engine WMU

D557 Testing an Allison Helicopter Engine

APUs and other components such as generators can be tested with the D100 or the D57 series.  Our range and size compliment the power range and rpm range of this equipment and make it easy to use for testing at a reasonable cost.




Penn Yan Aero using a DT1000 to test aircraft engines: