Phone Support and Remote Access

remote accessThe Go Power Customer Service department is staffed with trained technicians ready to take your telephone calls or e-mails and assist with any problems or questions you may have. Using an extensive library of information and selection of tools, we can resolve most problems in a minimal amount of time.

Go Power systems can be pre-configured with a modem and remote access software to allow our technicians to connect directly with the system, perform remote diagnosis of problems that may have occurred, and resolve the issue. The computer used with the Go Power system is connected to your phone network, and the technician accesses it through a private point-to-point connection.

The remote access software enables the Go Power technician to view computer screens while in operation and run the software in the same way as the local user. However, it is not possible to interact with hardware functions such as room and engine controls not handled by the program, physical switches, or emergency stop shutdown activators. For this reason, the technician generally will not actually operate the dynamometer while not in contact with a local operator. In this way the equipment’s safety is not compromised when being remotely controlled.

Please telephone (248) 579-4295 for assistance or contact us  for more information.