On-site Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

We can be there for you

dyno maintenance and repairOur field service engineers are prepared to travel to your facility to provide installation, maintenance or repair support on a wide variety of test equipment, including:

  • Engine dynamometers
  • Data acquisition systems for dynamometers
  • Many types of test equipment including scientific, nautical, optical, weighing, measuring, signaling, and other electrical and mechanical machines
  • Engine test equipment such as dynamometer load control systems, throttle controllers, fuel measurement equipment, gas emissions equipment, airflow measurement equipment, etc.
  • Computer hardware, firmware, software, and programs.

On-site services include (but are not limited to) installation support on new systems, upgrades to existing systems, calibration, preventive and scheduled maintenance, operator training, and minor repairs.

Please call us at 248.579.4295 or use the contact us form on the Contact Us page for more information or to schedule your service visit.