Performance System GPR

Go Power is proud to offer the innovative GPR557 Dynamometer System. Featuring the "dual drive" philosophy and the new and unique Linear Control Valve (LCV) technology, the GPR557 results in more accurate tests, offering engine builders/tuners, racecar teams and individuals a high degree of flexibility.

The system comprises a GPR 557 water brake dynamometer (1000 hp) absorber, GPS-6000 dynamometer data acquisition and control system, engine dynamometer test stand, and engine cart.

GPR-557 performance dyno

The Go Power Racing Package has several levels. The base level includes:

  • D557 Dyno
  • TCA-57 Calibration Arm
  • TMS-01L Linear Electronic Load Valve
  • GPS-6000 Data Acquisition and Control Pkg
  • 8 Thermocouples
  • 2 Pressure Transducers
  • 1 Lambda Sensor
  • Engine Cart
  • Dyno Stand
  • Input Shaft Adapter for direct connection
  • 2 days Onsite Training (technician travel costs extra)

Optional items include: additional thermocouples/pressure transducers, fuel flow meters, drive plate, starter package (single or dual starters), electronic throttle control, manual throttle control, drive shaft and shaft guard.

  • The dual-drive philosophy and unique Linear Control Valve (LCV) technology create highly accurate test results.
  • Dynamometer is constructed in high-strength phosphor bronze and features clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, with electronic strain gauge 2,000-lb. load cell and a 60-tooth gear speed sensor.
  • The absorber features a through shaft with the option to install a single and dual starter system directly on the end of the shaft.
  • The GPS6000 data acquisition and control system contains a multifunctional signal-conditioning module to interface digital and analog inputs, outputs, and frequency channels. The channel count is expandable to suit even the most demanding applications.

Absorber D-557 Max Power 1120 kW 1,000 hp
Max Torque 1,356 N•m 1,000 lb•ft
Construction High-strength phosphor bronze
Mainshaft Stainless steel
Rotation Bi-directional
Water flow required at max power 340 lpm 90 gpm
Weight 64 kg 140 lbs.
Linear Control Valve (LCV) Direct drive (no belts or couplings to break)
DC Motor w/ feedback
Fastest response
Stable control
Computer 2 GB RAM High-speed processor 160 GB with DVD RW
Microsoft® Windows® Dynasoft© data acquisition software
Monitor 17" color LCD
Color printer
Fuel (1x) Flow Range 7.5 lph–302 lph 2–80 gph
Fuels Gasoline, Diesel, alcohol
Repeatability .05% @ 60 lph .05% @ 16 gph
Max pressure 13.8 bar 200 psi
Thermocouple Type K, N, or T
Analog 0–5 VDC, 1–6 VDC, 0–10 VDC
Pressures CAN or analog
Weather Station Temperature, barometer, humidity