GPS 6000 Data Acquisition & Control

GPS 6000 Data Acquisition SystemGo Power GPS 6000 Data Acquisition

The GPS 6000 Data Acquisition and Control by Go Power Systems sets a new standard of modularity with a wide array of upgradeable features designed to meet and exceed the ever-changing demands of the engine testing industry, worldwide.

We’ve combined versatility with ruggedness to deliver a system that will stand up to the harsh environments of engine test cells for many years of service.

Our Dynosoft® data acquisition software is installed and preconfigured, ready for testing right out of the box!  Dynosoft is easily reconfigurable by the user to enhance the parameter displays, record and plot data, program automatic and semi-automatic test sequences, and many other functions.

GPS 6000GPS6000 Screen 2019

Using the latest in CAN bus data transfer technology, test data is captured, collected, and transferred at speeds up to 1MB/sec!
Additionally, a host of upgrade options and accessories are available to maximize the potential of your GPS 6000 data acquisition system.  Every one of our data acquisition systems are manufactured with the same attention to detail and durability that you’ve come to know and trust for over 50 years!

Download GPS6000 2019 Brochure.

Standard Features/Channels:

  • Dynamometer Speed (0-15000 rpm)
  • Dynamometer Torque (0-5000 lbs/ft)
  • 4 Analog Inputs -Expandable to 16 (thermocouples, pressure transducers, throttle position, control valve position)
  • 4 CAN Interface Transducer Inputs-Expandable to 16
  • 3 Digital Outputs-Wired into High Current Relays for Ignition, Start, and 1 Other User-Selected Device (10 additional volt-free contact digital outputs are available)
  • 2 Analog Voltage Outputs for Load & Throttle Control
  • Automatic System Shutdown Protection
  • Measurements Available in Imperial or Metric
  • Graphing/Overlapping Test Graphing Capability

Standard Hardware:

  • 30 ft.  RPM Harness (longer lengths available)
  • 30 ft. Torque Harness for Electronic Strain Gauge (longer lengths available)
  • In-cell Interface Box with Illuminated ‘Power’ On Indicator and Emergency Shutdown Latching Switch
  • Available in 110 or 220 VAC Power Configuration

Computer Attributes: 

  • High-Speed Processor
  • 4GB RAM (minimum)
  • 160 GB Hard Drive (minimum)
  • Ethernet connection (for connection to network data export)
  • Microsoft Windows® Operating System
  • Dynosoft® Data Acquisition Software
  • 19” Display 
  • Color Printer, Keyboard, Mouse

Optional Features: (Additional options available-Contact your Go Power Systems Sales Engineer for more details.)

  • Additional CAN, Analog or Thermocouple Input Channels
  • K-type Thermocouples Assemblies
  • CAN or Analog Pressure Transducers
  • J1939/J1708 ECM interface module
  • 3 Pulse Inputs (frequency channels)
  • 16 Digital Input Channels Available
  • Hydraulic Load Cell Torque Transducer Assembly with 15 ft. (4.5m) harness
  • Electronic Throttle & Load Controller Interface Panel (TMS system)
  • WSE-03 Weather Station (horsepower correction)
  • Air Flow Meter Package
  • Fuel Flow Meter Package
  • Dual Monitor 
  • Chassis Dynamometer Interface
  • Wall Mounted Boom (for in-cell interface box)

The GPS6000 Data Acquisition System provides:

  • 16 analog, user-defined channels
  • 10 CAN channels
  • 1 speed channel
  • 1 torque channel
  • 50 or more calculated channels

Interface panels are specified as a type (for example, 7308017-03K Type-03 is a four-channel, mini-K-type thermocouple complete with cold junction).

IF Panel


  • Each interface panel provides a physical interface between the GPS6000 transducer box and external sensors or feedback signals from proprietary instrumentation.
  • In addition to the standard panels, each transducer box can accommodate up to six additional interface panels.

Customer to complete “Customer Requirement Sheet.”
Interface panels with four female socket connectors will be supplied, fitted, and wired to the interface box.