DY-7D / DY-9D

The DY Series Dynamometers

DY-7DThe DY series was the first Go Power dynamometers manufactured. It was replaced by the D100 model small-engine dynamometer that we produce today. Though many DY series dynos are still being used today for testing, Go Power Systems no longer manufactures spare parts for these models, with the exception of load cell diaphragms and silicone fluid. The only hydraulic fluid Go Power Systems recommends is Dow Corning 200 silicone fluid. Any other fluid, such as ATF, may contain detergents that chemically attack the diaphragms and cause leaks or premature failure. Also, to avoid the possibility of false torque readings, we strongly recommend only the use of Dow Corning 200. 

43316 load cell refill kit

43316 Load Cell Refill Kit

43154 Diaphragmloadcell

43154 Diaphragm, Load Cell





The part number for the diaphragm is 43154. We recommend purchasing two in order to have a spare as we have a limited supply.  The silicone fluid is available in two sizes: 8 oz and Quart. It also can be purchased as a refill kit (part number 43316) which includes the pump and one quart of silicone.

The DY-7D dynamometer handles engines to 35hp and speeds up to 16,000 rpm. It is a turbulent action waterbrake which converts the rotating torque of the engine to stationary torque which is monitored. There is also a model DY-9D (not pictured) which handles engines to 60hp and speeds to 16,000 rpm. Both the DY-7D and 9D have no parts available except for those shown above. 

The Operating Manual for all the DY-series models can be found here: DY Series Manual

Watch a DY-7D operating: