D/DA-300 through D/DA-500 Series

The D and DA Series Dynamometers

The DA Series consists of the DA-300/500, DA-302/502, DA-312/512, and the DA-316/516. NOTE: The difference between the D and the DA designations is that the DA models have a console with gauges. These models CANNOT be upgraded to strain gauge units as parts are no longer available. 

Some of these units are serviceable by Go Power Systems, and a few parts may be manufactured for the support of these models. Some parts on earlier models cannot be replaced, such as the shaft/rotor assembly or stators because they have not been in production for many years. Evaluating the internal wear will dictate if your brake can be serviced. To obtain assistance, first accurately identify your model.

The DA-300/500 and DA-302/502 are easily identified by the input shaft that is directly splined for a clutch disc interface method. This model does not have a removable input shaft; rather, the shaft rotor assembly itself has a splined interfacing end. Many of these models were manufactured with a GM or VW matching splined shaft. Parts are no longer available for these models. Hydraulic fluid, however, can still be supplied.

The only hydraulic fluid Go Power Systems recommends is Dow Corning 200 silicone fluid. Any other fluid, such as ATF, may contain detergents that chemically attack the diaphragms and cause leaks or premature failure. Also, to avoid the possibility of false torque readings, we strongly advise only the use of Dow Corning 200. The silicone is available in two sizes: 8 oz and Quart. It also can be purchased as a kit (load cell refill kit: part number 43316) which includes the pump and one quart of silicone.



The DA-312/512 (or D-312/512) can be identified by checking the connection method of the removable hub adapter at the input end. If you purchased the dynamometer and it came with a mounted, splined input shaft adapter, removed the mounting bolts and look at the end of the shaft/input shaft hub assembly. If the main shaft has short male splines and the shaft hub assembly has corresponding female splines and a C-clip retainer, it is a model DA-312/512.

The DA-316/516 (or D-316/516) is virtually the same as the D-312/512, but has a smooth bore hub adapter keyed onto the main shaft.

Silicone hydraulic fluid is available (as discussed above), and an overhaul parts kit is also available for this model. The overhaul parts kit for the DA-312 and DA-316 is part number 43020-10 and the overhaul kit for the DA-512 and DA-516 is 43025-10.

All of the above models are single-trunnion units with alloyed aluminum construction. If you have any questions, contact us for assistance.

Operating Manuals for the D and DA Series