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William Froude

William Froude, inventor of the Hydraulic Dynamometer

Since 1958, Go Power History

In 1958, Go Power Systems began providing engine testers worldwide with dynamometers and engine-testing equipment. Fifty years later, Froude continues to supply the affordable Go Power engine-testing solutions to a wide variety of industries.  Go Power products are sought after for their durability, dependability, and repeatability.

In 2002, Froude, Inc. incorporated Go Power Systems and added a wide range of portable dynamometers to the existing product line.  Froude has been involved in testing ever since William Froude invented the hydraulic dynamometer in 1877.  

A brief timeline of our history:

  • 1877 - William Froude invented the hydraulic (water brake) dynamometer
  • 1903 - Heenan & Froude company transferred to a location in Worcester, UK
  • 1937 - Heenan Group had 5 factories and comprised 7 engineering companies
  • 1952 - Hofmann Prüftechnik GmbH, formally Kleinsorge Company, started the production of roll test rigs
  • 1968 - Heenan Group acquired by Redman Engineering - company renamed as Redmand Heenan Froude Ltd
  • 1974 - Froude Engineering Ltd - Test Plant Division of the parent company was located at Gregory's Bank in Worcester
  • 1983 - Consine Dynamics joined Froude Engineering Ltd
  • 1987 - FKI acquired Froude Engineering Ltd
  • 1995 - Froude acquired Hofmann Prüftechnik and Brush Automotive Test
  • 2002 - Froude Hofmann acquired Go Power Systems & Bennett Controls
  • 2007 - Froude Hofmann became part of Harris Watson Holdings PLC (now HWH Investments Group)
  • 2008 - Froude Hofmann opened offices across the globe
  • 2016 - Froude Inc., in Novi, Michigan USA  becomes the global headquarters for Froude products and services

For more information on Froude testing systems, please visit www.froudedyno.com.

karting handbook, go power history

Early ad in the 1961 Karting Handbook

Since Go Power Systems introduced its first dynamometers, we have continuously developed our products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our products have continually been proven through solid engineering design, superior material selection for reliable performance, and unmatched durability for years of service in any engine testing environment.

Go Power dynamometers, data acquisition systems, test cell equipment and dynamometer/engine stands are supplied worldwide to engine manufacturers and developers, engine tuners, remanufacturers, rebuilders, overhaul facilities, and garage workshops. We have provided many solutions to technical colleges and training centers as well as to professional and amateur race teams to improve their performance where it matters.


Go Power Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of engine test equipment for the diesel and automotive industries and produces a wide range of dynamometers at cost-effective prices, giving proven customer satisfaction.

We are headquartered in Michigan (approx 25 miles from Detroit) at 41123 Jo Drive, Novi, MI 48375, Tel: +1 248.579.4295