Small Engine Dynamometer

D100 Portable Engine Dyno

Educational Discounts Available

d100 no backThe Go Power D100 small engine dyno tests engines from 2 to 100 horsepower at speeds up to 14,000 rpm with durability and accuracy to meet the most demanding industrial requirements.

This lightweight, compact unit is rugged — constructed of high-strength aluminum alloy and can be operated from a water supply almost anywhere. Its extreme versatility makes it ideal for use with “go-cart” or outboard marine engines as well as industrial durability testing for engines and components.

The D100 is the choice dynamometer of many Formula SAE teams around the world. We also offer discounted pricing for SAE teams as well as for educational institutions! Call  Sales to discuss—we can be reached at +1 248-579-4295 (press 1 for Sales). The D100 is compatible with our complete line of digital consoles and state-of-the-art computer instrument and control systems.

In addition, it is compatible with our complete line of digital consoles and state of the art control systems. This unique modular design provides maximum flexibility to expand to your system as your testing requirements grow.

  Dyno Features

  • Low-facility water consumption
  • Portable, ultra light weight
  • Adaptation through flex coupling
  • D100 tests both vertical and horizontal output shaft engines
  • Includes strain gauge load cell, speed sensor, barbed hose couplings, inlet/outlet hoses
  • Bi-directional, reliable, and cost-effective
  • Long service-life cycle
  • High Strength aluminum alloy construction/hardened stainless steel shaft
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Low Power option with light duty seals and cropped rotor (optional)
  • Mechanical seal-feed cooling line for unloaded free spin mode (optional)

D100 Fact Sheet/Duty Curve D100 Fact Sheet PDF

As with all the Go Power Dynos, the D100 can be purchased as an individual unit, or as part of a complete test package:

The Essential Dynamometer Package (EDP) includes a TCA-100 Calibration Arm Assembly, VS-3001 Manual Load Control Valve Set, Interface Harness Kit and a DC200 Digital Display Console. The Advanced Dynamometer Package (ADP) includes a GPS6000 Data Acquisition System in place of the DC200 Display Console. 

Max Power 75 kW 100 Bhp
Max Torque 90 N-m 66 lb•ft
Base Speed 8,000 rpm
Max Speed 14,000 rpm
Construction High-strength aluminium alloy
Shaft Hardened stainless steel
Bearings Greased ball and roller
Rotation direction Bi-directional
Torque Sensor Strain gauge load cell
Speed Sensor 60-tooth wheel with inductive pulse pickup
Water flow required at max power 37.8 lpm 10 gpm (US)
Water inlet connection 13 mm 1/2 in.
Water outlet connection gravity to drain atmosphere 13 mm 1/2 in.
Dynamic Pressure 2.50 bar 36 psi
Dimensions: Width x Height x Depth 294 x 137 x 260 mm 11.6 x 5.4 x 10.25 in
Weight 9 kg 20 lbs.

D-100 Drawing
d100 no back