Data Acquisition & Control

Our Data Acquisition Systems are Ready to Use Immediately

Whether you need a simple display console or a complete data acquisition system—Go Power has a range of products that will seamlessly run with your Go Power Dyno or any other manufacturer's dynos. What sets us apart from other data acquisition systems is that when you receive your system from us—It is all set up and ready to go! No configuration necessary on your part. DC200 display consoleThe DC200 instrument console monitors the speed and torque power of an engine under test. Utilizing the supplied data transfer cable, these parameters can be transmitted through the RS232 connection to a desktop computer or laptop and later exported to Microsoft® Excel® or other programs capable of creating tables and graphs of the test run data.

The DC200 is lightweight and portable which allows you to move it within the test cell or to alternate testing locations. Built to survive, the housing is constructed of formed steel with military specification (mil-spec) harness connectors. These rugged features combine to allow the DC200 to operate in the most demanding testing environments.


Go Power Systems GPS-6000 is the next generation of engine data acquisition and control systems. We set a new standard of modularity with a wide array of upgradable features designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the engine-testing industry worldwide. We combined versatility with ruggedness to deliver a system that stands up to the harsh environments of engine test cells for many years of service.

Our Dynosoft® data acquisition software is installed and pre-configured and ready to use right out of the box. You can easily configure the parameter displays, record and plot data, program automatic and semi-automatic test sequences, and many other functions. It uses the latest in CAN bus data transfer technology to capture, collect and transfer test data at speeds up to 1MB/sec.