Go-Power Systems Launch New GPR557 Engine Dynamometer Package

Go-Power Systems, a division of the internationally renowned Dynamometer manufacture Froude Hofmann, is proud to announce the launch of the innovative GPR557(gpr557 data sheet) dynamometer system for the performance racing engine market.  Featuring the "Dual Drive: philosophy and the new and unique linear control valve (LCV) technology, the GPR557 results in more accurate tests, offering engine builders and tuners, race car teams and individuals a high degree of flexibility and the opportunity to optimize the performance from race tuned engines.

 The new system comprises a GPR557 water brake dynamometer (1500HP) absorber, GPS6000 dynamometer data acquisition and control system, engine dynamometer test stand and engine cart.  The dynamometer is constructed in high strength phosphor bronze and features clockwise and counter clockwise rotation, with electronic strain gauge 2,000 lb load cell and a 60 tooth gear speed sensor.  The absorber features a through shaft with the option to install a single and dual starter system directly on the end of the shaft.

Flexibility is a key feature of this new test system.  Engineers at Go-Power Systems have designed the GPR557 as a Dual Drive dynamometer system.  Until now engine builders and tuners have had to choose between drive shaft coupled and direct (bell housing) coupled set ups when it came to transferring power between engine and dyno.  The new GPR557 offers both as part of the Dual Drive system so that the choice can be based on the test requirements and customer preferences all within one dyno test system.  The bell housing adapter plate fits most standard patterns and can be drilled to suit others.  The unique linear control valve (LCV) couples the inlet water valve directly to a to DC motor so that the valve reacts immediately to setting changes, ensuring smooth and stable control of the inlet water flow to the absorber.  This new development does not suffer from the hysteresis effect found in competitive stepper motor systems thereby avoiding delay in response leading to much more accurate testing results.  To further enhance stability of control of  the dyno and engine are vibration isolated from the LCV by integrated elastomeric elements.  The new LCV also has the added advantage that it enables better load control at low rpm due to the valve being able to be completely shut off.

The GPS6000 data acquisition and control system contains a multifunctional signal conditioning module to interface digital and analog inputs, outputs and frequency channels.  The channel count is expandable to suite even the most demanding applications.

 While the standard GPR557 system is supplied in gunmetal grey/burnt yellow, Go-Power Systems is offering their systems to be delivered in a two two paint scheme to further enhance their customer's brand and corporate identities.

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